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Fears  Hypnosis can set you free

Fears Hypnosis can set you free

One of the most common reasons people visit a hypnotist is to overcome a fear or limiting belief.

Fears are a natural part of life. Everyone fears something such as being robbed, or being hurt in an accident. This type of fear is not necessarily bad. It may prompt someone to take necessary precautions such as locking doors or wearing a seat belt.

As humans, we have two natural fears; the fear of falling and the fear of loud noise. All other fears we learn. Most fears develop during childhood, but sometimes they develop in adulthood. Some fears that develop in adulthood may be caused by chemical imbalances, but many are the result of childhood events. One indication of whether a fear is from a physical condition or is learned is the duration of the reaction. Learned reactions are usually triggered by anticipation, and then become more intense once the event begins (like fear of spiders or flying).

When fear is experienced strongly and/or frequently the person may become afraid of feeling out of control. Then h/she will go out of the way to avoid anything that might trigger the fear. When this happens, the fear becomes unresourceful. Mental health workers call it a phobia. A fear may also be called a phobia when the individual can feel the sensation of being afraid without recognizing what triggered it.

When a fear gets in someone’s way, interfering with their life-style, or causing them to avoid something they would like to do, then it should be addressed.

In mild cases, where a person recognizes the triggers and would like help controlling their reaction, post hypnotic suggestions can help them control breathing, slow heart rate, and achieve a relaxed state of mind. This give the person the ability to deal with the problem in a calm and rational manner.

If the client wants to know the origin of the fear and remove it, the Hypnotherapist can guide the client to the initial event.  Most of the time the event is no longer recalled by the conscious mind, but is still retained in the subconscious. In these cases, the Hypnotherapist will often employ age regression.

Age regression is one of the most powerful tools available to the Hypnotherapist. With it, the person is guided back in time, where the client can reexamine the fearful event from an objective point of view. Once the cause is revealed, and the event is reviewed through more mature perceptions, the fear of losing control is eliminated. Control is soon established and the fear is released, replaced with more positive ways of dealing with life.

Once a sense of control is established, hypnotherapy quickly reduces the effects, and soon eliminates the fear. Usually relief can be achieved in just 3 sessions or less.

What your mind causes, your mind can cure. Wellness begins in your mind. Every problem has a cause, and when you eliminate the cause from the subconscious mind, the problem will disappear.

Hypnosis works!

What you believe you can do, you will.  You can change your life through the power of your mind.

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