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About Us

Welcome to Personal Growth School of Hypnotherapy. It is the only School of Hypnotherapy Licensed by the Ohio State Board of  Career Colleges and Schools in Northeast Ohio.

If you are interested in Hypnosis for your self or want to learn more about it before you enroll in our course, we have several pages on the use of this powerful tool.

Please select the Hypnosis page and you’ll discover how the power of the mind can help with Weight Loss, Stop Smoking ,Stress Management and  Pain Management to name just a few.

Read how working with the  subconscious mind can help with Sports Enhancement  and Memory Enhancement.

Learn more on how to eliminate Fears using
Regression Therapy.

While you’re on the hypnosis page, be sure to select Imageryand learn how imagery can promote relaxation and help create natural anesthesia and healing ability.

More information about the owners and educators can be found on the Instructors page.

Please feel free to contact us at (please include your topic in the subject line)with any questions or comments you have about Hypnosis or any of these topics:

Please click on Directions for our address and clickable directions from MapQuest.

Licensed by the State Board of Career Colleges and Schools  #07-09-1841T

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